Cool Stuff at INTECH – The final show

So there we are, the last show of series 2 of The Cool Stuff Collective is airing this week. It is hard to believe that this time last year I had only done a few TV interviews, and now I have 26 shows under my belt!
For this final show it was a big gadget adventure to the wonderful hand on science centre INTECH near Winchester. I know this place quite well as I have visited a few times both as a parent and also in a professional capacity. I was lucky enough to go and see the Planetarium as it was being built and also to go and talk to the board about virtual worlds and do my more usual Metaverse Evangelism.
For the piece we spent all afternoon dashing from exhibit to exhibit (There are at least 100!). It was during a half term break so the place was buzzing, and of course bringing a camera crew in tends to attract a little attention. We also filmed after closing too though. Everyone there was very helpful and they do a great job as they build most of the exhibits and experiments and keep the place in tip top working order.
We did film quite a lot of the Reactable, though much of it must have hit the cutting room digital waste basket in order to keep the piece to time. Still its a great gadget if you want to play with one go to INTECH!
Intech reactable
We also wanted to make sure we got the aforementioned planetarium in to. We left this until last to not get in the way of the families that had come to see the presentations.
intech planetarium
As this was the last show there end gag was that I was to be packed up and put into storage until next series as Sy Thomas looks on in disbelief. This is probably what a few people out there would like to see more of 😉
Wrapped up
I hope its a nice small storage facility and not a giant Area 51 style warehouse as in Indiana Jones, or I may not be found ever again.
Anyway, that a wrap x 2, and it can still be found on ITV player for a few weeks in the UK too 🙂
The Cool Stuff Collective is back in the autumn for series 3 🙂

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