Talking games and tech on Games At Work dot Biz

I was really happy to be invited back to my favourite podcast GamesAtWork dot Biz to share some air time with Michael and Andy last week. (One less Michael than usual unfortunately). As Andy and I are both in the UK this took the number of Brits on the show up to a majority hence the title.

You can hear the latest episode on all the usual podcast places, or follow this link to ep386 Too many brits

Amongst other things I got to enthuse about the latest iteration of my favourite real guitar teaching and playing app/game Rocksmith, now Rocksmith+ which for me really shows the power of instrumentations of erm…. instruments 🙂 The original was back in 2012 and very quickly broke my guitar 🙂 I had since 1988. I also learned that the action on that guitar was way too high and my replacement electric was much easier to push down not the strings.

Rocksmith, amongst other things, lets you feel like you are a rock god at concert :), as per the midjourney geared image below. Though the enjoyment in feeling improvement very quickly through still intense practice is wonderful.

Guest Appearance – Games At Work dot Biz Ep 311

Hot on the heels of my BCS animation and games webinar on the games of 2020 I was delighted to be invited to pop along to my favourite podcast, Games At Work, as a guest to talk about my personal views of some of the thing going on in the tech and games worlds including AR and VR.

To hear us riff on a range of subjects head over to here to website and the show links or look for Games at work dot biz on your favourite podcast repository.

I have had the honour to be on before, the last time was in June 2020, a mentally trying time that the podcast recording really helped with. Its always a blast to record, they kindly had me on years ago too when I first published my Sci-fi Novels Reconfigure and Cont3xt. Given it is now on episode 311 you can tell this podcast is certainly not a fad or a flash in the pan but a wonderfully produced and entertaining experience, despite my ramblings and book pitching. Enjoy.

Skylanders, Dads and Tech

As you may know I am a fan of the concepts used in Skylanders and I was more than happy when I was asked to take part in a podcast by @wideawakewesley along with two other Dads, Gamers and experts in the field of games and game journalism @Geekdadgamer aka Andy Roberston of Wired and GamePeople and @jwhdavison of Gamespot fame.
I had written a few pieces for Andy (see here for the list). It was good to be sharing ideas with all three of them.
I had covered Skylanders on Cool Stuff Collective back in October (and it appears in my showreel available at all good internet browsers on that there youtube) so it was interesting to see how they have developed, how popular and controversial it had become and where it was going. I think we all brought similar concerns and experiences but from different perspectives. My main one was of blurring the real and virtual and how the impressive the use of the technology is. However check out the podcast and see what you think.

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Of direct link to Media pulp is here with links to iTunes and all other handy audio repositories so you can’t miss it 🙂
I am sure there will be much more Skylanders and related NFC cool interactions, and if they manage to do some of the things I suggest with 3d printing that would just be brilliant. (I am available to help anyone wanting to put a bit of the future into their gaming strategy, it is what I do after all 🙂 )

Talking Tech with Dogear Nation

I was invited onto the 101st Dogear Nation show this week. The premise is simple, we discuss what is going on out on the web, in particular in virtual worlds and game related areas through the medium of the shared URL. i.e. if you take things on delicious with the tag dogear-nation then they form the selection for the running order of the show.
It is always a blast doing this show and this week was no exception.
Check it out, it will be up on itunes very soon too.
Michael Rowe had also done this advert video for dogear nation this week 🙂