Happy 2015 – Flush 16 – Are you Santa?

I hope everyone is getting ready for a great 2015 and had a good break (if you got one). For a first post of the year I am going to start early and mention Christmas :). This though is just to let you know that issue 16 of Flush The Fashion magazine is live and my slightly esoteric “Hello, Are you Santa Claus?” article this issue looks at probability and how that features in Quantum theory and a light hearted look at multiple universe theory.
The whole magazine is cool and interesting as usual from @tweetthefashion. I say this each time but it is still true, the amount of effort and skill that goes into making this magazine is fantastic and it’s an honour to have my content included.
If you look at the embed below you will find me on page 22 but just before that there are some great images of food skateboarding by Benoit Jammes called Skitchen
So where else do you get such an eclectic combination of quantum physics and skating fruit?
See what you think.

The direct link to my article to get your brain kicking in for the new year is here
Now would be a good time to kick in with my epredator theme tune to introduce it 🙂
Now to work out what 2015 is going to bring. It looks like there will be a lot of VR and AR with so many headsets and combinations of tech emerging. It is very exciting and it all needs to be powered by virtual world content. So another year of metaverse evangelizing before it becomes the norm then 🙂

Digital Snow – Flush Magazine – 15

It’s starting to get towards winter, the clocks has fallen back so this months Flush Magazine, amongst other things, is all about snow, mountains, skiing and boarding. I just had something snow related to consider for my 14th article for the magazine. (That now sounds like a lot!)
I thought I should cover a bit go history, as usual. Some tech reminiscing. This time it was Hungry Horace goes skiing. Anyone else remember that ? 🙂
These sort of flashbacks to things that felt special or unusual then act a seed to zoom forward. This time I covered how snow has felt on screen in games and films through the years. From the simplistic to the “material point method for snow simulation” CGI research papers created by Disney in making films like Frozen.
I didn’t want to stick to pure virtual snow though but some other advances and where it could go in the near future to enhance our skiing experience. I did give a mention to SNOW the game as that looks mighty impressive and has some real potential IMHO.
Thanks to everyone writing for Flush Magazine, it’s great to have so many good articles to nestle in between on a cold winters night. Huge thanks to @tweetthefashion for such awesome production and editing and for still wanting me to write these journeys in history based futurism.
The full issue can be found below

I am zooming around on page 116 and the iOS version is here
All the past articles and links to them are here on the writing portfolio page
Right, where are my snow boots!

Flush 12 – Secret Agent! on whose side?

It’s time to share another article in the excellent Flush magazine. As usual my collection of words and ideas have been massively enhanced by great layout and bing in the company of other fantastic articles and features, thankyou @tweetthefashion. This issue I decided to explore the world of hacking, surveillance and counter measures, encryption and t-shirts. The title “Secret Agent, on whose side?” will be familiar to many people but particularly a few old collegues where it became a bit of a mantra at work. It applied to most situations where things went wrong, usually when some sales or management over commitment made us wonder whose side they were on as we cleaned up the mess 🙂
The recent revelations about the mass government data collection may seem a shock to many but the battle for information and the counter measures around it in recent modern technology show us the trajectory this was on. This includes fictional spies like James Bond of course 🙂
I was trying to strike a balance of information, historical information that may be of interest and moderate outrage at the escalation.
The article is on page 108 thru 115.
The direct link is here which should take you right to the page.
The embedded issue on issuu is below.

Check out the entire magazine though including the fantastic front cover. I will let you discover that 🙂

Reel to Real, a Christmas number 1?

As we head into the christmas holidays I have a little present for you. It is the latest edition of Flush magazine for Christmas. Amongst all the other wonderful articles and information there on page 97 you can find my article Reel to Real. It is another journey through technology. Starting with me playing with a reel to reel spooling tape machine, passing through and including Roland Rat – Superstar, Instant Music and heading on to Melodyne (which has been on the radar a while)and the wonderful Rocksmith 2014 with a few other bits in between. Maybe leading to a self composed xmas number one tune next year 😉

@tweetthefashion have, as I always say because its true, done a wonderful piece of work in laying out and adding style and finesse with pictures, fonts and lots of hard graft to make my words look good. A huge thank you and bundle of christmas cheer goes to them. It’s been a great year with a lot of articles
So if you are sitting there, fed up watching the Italian Job again, give it a little look 🙂
Have a great Christmas and New Year. See you on the other side.