Monthly Archives: April 2023

Pixel clothing – it’s back (again)

I saw some links the other day to a new clothing and bag range here at Loewe’s that I thought, hang on I have seen that somewhere before 🙂 Not posting a picture because its would be their copyright image so just go have a look instead.

This range is physical, but made to look pixelated and game like with chunky and stepped back borders and gradient colouring. It makes something real look a bit like it’s out of minecraft. There have been a few things before like shades to match the Thug Life internet meme, but this is proper expensive clothing, Zoolander territory.

The things was that in 2016, as I have tweeted and popped onto Linkedin, I wrote a little piece of detail about Roisin in Reconfigure to enhance her gamer geek chic status that said the following

“She slipped on her red Converse shoes and her grey SuperDry hoody. The phone just 
squeezed into her jeans front pocket. She picked up her odd cartoon looking bag, full of all the 
essentials she might need, lip gloss, money, cards, keys, moleskin notebook, hand wipes. The 
handbag was a regular size but looked slightly larger due to the cartoon cel shaded look that it had. 
The front panel looked like a 2d drawing of a 3d object in a video game. Thick black lines added 
around the primary coloured sections. “

Now I can’t claim to have invented this fashion range, because as a writer, with a story set in the current day I drew upon lots of things I had already seen or experienced, i.e. write what you know. However, I am really happy that Roisin’s look from 2016 is now popping up again in 2023. In the same way my first ever public presentation when I started as an industry analyst with 451 Research back in 2016 showed the direction towards an autonomous enterprise, such as we are seeing some people create with AutoGPT/ChatGPT and alike right now.

Don’t even get me started on the metaverse 🙂