Monthly Archives: October 2022

Talking games and tech on Games At Work dot Biz

I was really happy to be invited back to my favourite podcast GamesAtWork dot Biz to share some air time with Michael and Andy last week. (One less Michael than usual unfortunately). As Andy and I are both in the UK this took the number of Brits on the show up to a majority hence the title.

You can hear the latest episode on all the usual podcast places, or follow this link to ep386 Too many brits

Amongst other things I got to enthuse about the latest iteration of my favourite real guitar teaching and playing app/game Rocksmith, now Rocksmith+ which for me really shows the power of instrumentations of erm…. instruments 🙂 The original was back in 2012 and very quickly broke my guitar 🙂 I had since 1988. I also learned that the action on that guitar was way too high and my replacement electric was much easier to push down not the strings.

Rocksmith, amongst other things, lets you feel like you are a rock god at concert :), as per the midjourney geared image below. Though the enjoyment in feeling improvement very quickly through still intense practice is wonderful.