Reconfigure Book

Reconfigure is the debut science fiction novel by Epredator.

Have you ever imagined changing the real World, just as you can change a virtual reality game world, with a swipe? Roisin Kincade accidentally finds she can.

Nominated as a finalist in Independent Author Network Sci-fi Book of the Year, Readers Favourite 5 star award and Kirkus Reviewed “Roisin is a charmingly guileless protagonist, and the overall plot replicates the puzzle-style computer games that are referenced in the text. The story contains just the right combination of paranoia, wonder, and fantasy to make for a fun bit of escapism, and the author even manages to land a satisfying final twist as well.” Kirkus Indie

A UK Number 1 download in its genre and Number 14 in UK general science fiction.
It has reached the US top 100, as high as 52 in general science fiction, and also number 2 in its sci-fi genre on Amazon.

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Also available the sequel Cont3xt

Roisin Kincade is a young, talented, full stack techie. Her mind is full of thoughts, ideas, film quotes and analogies. She knows and understands Flow, allowing herself to be in the zone when coding. That takes it out of her though. Dropping out of Flow, as she did that night, means inattention. She is not a great fan of command lines, nor of systems admin, at the best of times.

Finishing a long coding session she just had to do some minor file system tidying up. We have all done it, typed the wrong thing into the wrong window, deleted the wrong file, messaged the wrong person. This time she typed a Linux command in the wrong place. She missed the terminal window and managed to Tweet the world instead. She expected the public ridicule, the trolls and the bot responses, but she did not expect an automated direct message. Nor did she expect to spend the next few days using a game engine to help her talk to a new system It seemed like she was hacking an old school text adventure game, by invitation, but it was much more! A world of Fractal Iterations, Quantum Computing and strange side effects opened up. It appeared to offer a programming interface to everything around her.

Reconfiguring anything in the real world might attract some attention? It might attract attention from parties more interested in controlling the world themselves? She didn’t know who they were, she had never heard of them. The corporate cartels have the world pretty much to themselves. They exist above governments and security agencies. She knew they dodged taxes but she didn’t know they watched everything everywhere. She didn’t know they kept an eye out for such things, such anomalies.

A late night Tweet led her to be able to do things for real she had only done in game code and virtual worlds. Now she was alone, off the grid, with no signal. She had a plan, but it might, like those hated command line interfaces, be terminal!

To see what Roisin’s view of the World is like during her Reconfigure journey you might like to try this WebGL simulation, built in the same way Roisin builds hers in Unity3d
Video included in case the new WebGL format is not supported by your browser.

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Cont3xt is the sequel to Reconfigure, read more here

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