Learning in Virtual Worlds

Another fellow ex-IBMer Tony O’Driscoll has put together a description of all the people and ideas that are going to be covered in the up and coming 3DTLC conference in Washington DC.

Clearly learning training and collaboration are key applications of virtual worlds and the surrounding technology. Not the only ones of course, but the sort of thing that will drive enterprise adoption. 

I have recently been working with several education and training based clients that sit on top of all the technology we have available. It is very clear that this is a growth area.

With the release of applications to support some elements of education such as Daden’s new open source Pivote  and applications such as Sloodle there is a clear trend forming. 

The interesting subject I would like to see addressed is this separation of the learning content and structures and where the boundaries are of the virtual world platform. i.e. is the virtual world just another front end, or does it contain some of the essence of the learning experience. 

I am not sure I will be at this conference, being a fledgling startup doesn’t sit well with buying plane tickets and hotels just yet 🙂 I will of course attend on whatever digital channels are made available.

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