Friendly landlord seeks friendly tenants

Very often in Second Life the renting of land is based around trust of the Landlord. The land controls and ownership of sim’s requires that tenants know the landlord will work in an honourable fashion. Of course these works two ways, especially when a high degree of access is available and control available for the tenant.

I hope that my constant honorable actions for the good of virtual worlds both in the enterprise and in personal uses provides some of that degree of trust to any new tenants. 

I have decided to start being a rental landlord with the famous Hursley island in SL and also in part with IQ that is next door. 

I am selling parcels, so that the new owner has a great deal of flexibility. The initial purchase is the first months rent. 

Parcels are usually 4096 sq m, 937 prims and start at L$8000 a month. Coastal parcels and corner plots are slightly more.
Hursley for rent

I also am putting up half of IQ for rent as one big block, ideal for an event.
IQ parcel

Hursley sim can be found on the main map or here

IQ sim can also be found on the main map or here 

****Update. Parcels are listed on Xstreet now too here

Should anyone need an entire sim, I am willing to discuss pricing and terms for all of IQ.

So a piece of Second Life history, Hursley and IQ used to be provided free as a sandbox by me to all my fellow eightbars. Its where we started Wimbledon in SL and where thousands of my former colleagues found a spiritual home. It was part of my personal VC investment to get my previous company to have enough critical mass of understanding of virtual worlds to take it seriously. 

To many these may just be a server in a network, but to us it has a history, if you would like to be part of the next phase of that, or just need a little place to call home come and join us on Hursley or IQ as a resident. You will also find you have a few very skilled and influential resident neighbours and island admins.

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