High Fidelity – A new metaverse – It’s here

A while back the original creator of Second Life (Philip Rosedale) announced a new ground up approach to shared virtual spaces taking in all the latest and greatest in tech. A few days ago I saw an email saying the alpha was live. The trouble was I thought it was an April fool joke. Not that I did;t believe it would come along but the timing was a bit odd.
However…. I registered (having been non the tell me more list since the beginning) downloaded the “interface” and voila….
High Fidelity alpha
I did swap my mini robot avatar for a full mean machine one. Though there are a few more human and cartoon ones.
This is an alpha, it is not the final product things will improve but it feels very full on.
There are stacks of developer menu options and full support for all sorts of inputs, kinect etc, and outputs, Oculus Rift etc. There is a stack of documentation and youtube videos on how it works too. All to be expected but nice to see at at alpha stage.
I will of course look at building, scripting and hosting in due course. Javascript appears to be the script language of choice here, but that obviously depends on what library we get to talk to. There seems to be lots of terence to nice industry standard 3d models like FBX etc.
I jumped to another hosted area, the obligatory Sandbox and set my display name to epredator too of course 🙂 I might be new here, but I have been here before too 🙂
High Fidelity Alpha Sandbox
Lets see where this exciting development takes us.

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