Join in NOW on government future of ICT plans

There is currently a government consultation on the future of ICT open to all to comment on. It is here. There is an online form to fill in with just 4 pages.
Any of you concerned with the future of computer science and technology education in the UK really should just fill this in firstly as an individual, but also try to get official responses from your organisations and employers.
All the comments do add to the weight of concern we all have.
My response was mainly that this is about people being able to show how the technology works, using easily accessible resources, not about a huge IT spending requirement. It is the passion of the tech industry, maker culture and experiences professionals that will make the difference. Eventually that will mean more technology and science related teaching.
It turned out I was response number 22 so I seem to have got in early. I would be interested to see what the numbers are like as this is something almost everyone I know in the tech and games industry feels very strongly about. So lets try and add to the weight of the argument with some positive suggestions to the government.
(The BCS is heavily involved hence us doing it as individuals as well, just mention you are BCS or IET, STEMnet Advisor etc in the form)
I will be running for office before you know it 🙂

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