Forza 4 – Cool Stuff Ride

Forza 4 has hit the shelves, and quickly after that hit the DVD tray of my Xbox 360. I have always been a fan of the series and once again they have no disappointed. I really need to get a good force feedback wheel to enjoy this now. However they are a little pricey, or in short supply.
Each year when Forza comes out I have been painting logos on them. What is interesting from a branding point of view this year is that I have a few other things to put on that I have an affinity to. So I created this paint job for a Sierra Cosworth. Feeding Edge it on there right at the back, the epredator wii mii inspire face on the rear arches. However now I also have a good few TV slots on The Cool Stuff Collective that I feel the car needs to show, hence the g33k (from my tshirt) and an attempt at the shows logo.
cool stuff g33k mobile
It’s a few hours messing around as the way forza works is with stencil primitives, in many ways like Second Life pre mesh. The primitives and the mathematical twisting of them allows for easy distribution so that that when I race online or sell this car online people will get the design downloaded to them.
We can’t just upload pictures, you have to craft the result. (I am a tech g33k not a graphic designer though!)
***update now with video too

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