Is that me hiding? I don’t think so! more Google Minus

I feel sorry for anyone with an unusual “given” name, one of the Beckhams, Geldoffs or other rock stars. They just wont be able to hang out on google+ because their “name” doesn’t fit the “pattern”.
So after thinking I was ok as Ian/epredator Hughes on google+ turns out I am not.
I, like William Shatner, got suspended for an apparent name violation or some bad pattern match on their processes. Is it hard to tell this is really me? I mean really? Identity is not binary and is not purely based on a string of ascii characters!

I have filled in the form with just a few URL’s proving that I am known as Ian, Mr Hughes, Mr I Hughes, epredator, epred, oi you, sir, son, daddy, boss etc but we shall see.
Its really a big fat google minus – the muppets

8 thoughts on “Is that me hiding? I don’t think so! more Google Minus

  1. 26 hours after filling in the form still no sign of google reinstating the Ian/epredator Hughes profile on google+. very quick to take things down, but like flawed DMCA processes hard to get it back up again.

  2. Just posted this to my G+ stream. Interestingly, it allowed me to + your name and create a link, but when I attempted to share it reported an error, until I removed the link (which goes to a “profile does not exist page”).

    Interesting and difficult stance on identity going on here, I must say. You very much blend your online/offline/avatar identities; others would prefer just their avatar identity to have a G+ profile (through which they are already identified / trusted online, incidentally). Following the story with interest 🙂

  3. i couldn’t even + your name — the popup came, yep, but clicking on your name didn’t work.

    len tower jr posted an interesting article at — one of the comments i made is that google suffers from not being accountable and also having louse QA, that already showed in the way they are dealing with android bug reports and is amplifying itself with g+. hope they realize that they are damaging themselves…

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