Beginning at the end

The last few days I have been here in Amsterdam at the Metameets conference and the MMIF (machinima festival). I have to collect my thoughts and write about the whole thing and some of the ideas that where shared and combined over two days. The good news is I know what they are as I had to pay very close attention to everything as moderator. (A harder job than it sounds, but a blast to MC such an amazing set of speakers and delegates).

However we finished the presentations yesterday with the wonderful Chantal Harvey/MaMachinima showing and talking about some great pieces of work. It was also a bombshell moment when she announced she was no longer doing machinima to concentrate on doing a feature film. I think the room was just shocked and stunned, but I think that this is a beginning at an end.

Chantal makes some great very well produced, very well delivered pieces and I know that the scope and the size of any of her projects will not diminish that.

Her swan song “final piece” in this phase of the life of machinima was this.

Watch this space

4 thoughts on “Beginning at the end

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  3. Chantal Harvey

    Thanks for that, Ian – you are the most wonderful moderator/presenter any conference could wish for. Grab him, peeps!
    Again, I am making the announcement that I will move on from making machinima to making film, taking it a step further, but using Second Life as my tool for my productions.
    I am trying to stop thinking like an avatar, and more like a filmproducer. ;o)

    Love and peace,

  4. Thankyou Chantal 🙂 That is very kind of you. I am really looking forward to what you get to produce in the future and you know you have lots of us here to help in any way too.

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