Street Fighter – The Poem

I wrote a full review of Super Street Fighter IV 3DS for Game People that you can read here. Whilst I was writing it a few rhyming lines appeared on the page, so I extracted them and built this poem, it seemed a pity for it to go to waste, the last two lines are my favourite.

Super Street Fighter IV 3DS
By Ian Hughes/epredator
inspired by Plan B at the London launch party

Ryu shouts Hadoken,
Firing energy again,
Lenticular 3d,
Powers the graphics engine.

The 3DS from Ninty,
Shows a cool new way,
To punch kick and block,
Making enemies sway.

Launch Manga ultra combos,
In the stunning 3d layers,
Touchpad assist buttons,
Help novice players.

Challenge the arcade,
Or random 3DS out there,
Built-in wi-fi signals,
Connect combatants everywhere.

Figure Points are earned,
And spent on a team,
Of fantasy Street Fighters,
Kept in your data stream.

Called StreetPass,
It’s a new gaming feature,
That delivers your team,
To anyone in 30 metres.

It happens when your 3DS,
Is in a state of sleep,
Win a numbers battle,
More Figure Points you reap.

The characters are funny
El Fuerte screams his challenge out,
“It’s Super Dynamic Cooking Time!”
That’s serious comedy clout.

A launch title for the handheld,
Delivers a bag of tricks,
No headaches here just nose bleeds.
From Chun Li’s lightning kicks.

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