Cool Stuff 11, Stars, jokes and multi-touch

This weeks Cool Stuff Collective is Joke Book Bingo, where Mr Sy Thomas is not having much luck in telling jokes whilst Monkey is the king of the standup. I tweeted when we filmed it how we had to laugh on cue, but this really wasn’t acting, I mean look at us, what a motley crew, hard not to laugh anyway 🙂
We also had to not laugh at any of Sy’s jokes
The show had some other very notable moments though. Not least was the arrival of “TV Legend” Eamonn Holmes to hijack “coooool neeewws”. A bit that has me in stitches every time I see it. Not only that but it means we appear named in the credits together. There is something I never expected to see, say, write or consider.
Another very good piece the team did was Monkey’s day out filmed on portable video camera’s. Its made the predlets laugh a lot I should add. That’s good enough for me.
My main part of the show was with the SMART table, a wonderful multitouch table which can cope with 80 individual touch points which is very cool.
SMART table
I think it came across very well on screen as a piece of kit, I was not sure how it would look at an angle, but the matt finish to the touch screen and its design seems to sort this out.
So thats 11 out of 13 aired. The repeat of this one is on Saturday morning 9:25 ITV1.
The show just keeps getting better IMHO. I have been getting lots of positive feedback from all sorts of places.

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