Xfactor vs Star Wars

For some reason we had XFactor on tv last night whilst we were both messing with iphones and the web. I decided it was about time to try the Star Wars Arcade Falcon Gunner on the iphone. This app uses an entire sphere around you as the playing field as you shoot down incoming tie fighters. You can move the gun turret in the playing space both by moving and spinning your body around and by a little bit joystick control. In a nod to AR and to give a bit of a frame of reference along with the Elite style scanner it patches in the video from your iphone.
Millennium falcon xfactor
This led to the accidental mashup whereby I was about to start shooting overlayed tie fighters and as I spun around Simon Cowell and Xfactor came into view.
Gets you thinking about head up displays and being able to see and maybe share information on people and things around you doesn’t it.
XFactor (which is the first we have really seen this series) was truly awful too as many great Beatles songs were ruined IMHO. Star Wars is truly awesome!. Net win in the favour of Star Wars though.

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