Virtual Goods World Europe – Conference time again

It feels as if its back to normality with the Virtual Goods World Europe conference this coming week in London.

I will on a Panel at 12:00 on Tuesday 16th to discuss “What are the obstacles to greater brand participation?” to virtual goods.

The panel consists of a good cross section from the industry.
Mr Pano Anthos,CEO, Hangout Industries

Mr Ian Hughes,MD, Feeding Edge

Ms Margaret Wallace,CEO, Playmatics

Mr Adam Caplan,Vice President (Virtual Currency), SuperRewards

I am there with a general virtual world and hence virtual good hat on, but also combining the gaming startup that I have embarked upon which relies on gaming and virtual goods being out there to interact with.
I had said yes to this ages ago and so only just remembered to ask for my bio to include the fact I am a (fledgling) TV presenter on The Cool Stuff Collective 🙂 Of course this is also the week where the show running Mon 5pm CITV and Sat 9:25am ITV1 does not have a full future tech feature in it 🙂 Just a cameo as a banana. That certainly gives me some gravitas for the panel…

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