3d Gadgetfest for Cool Stuff Collective Xmas show

We are all here recording the final 3 shows of The Cool Stuff Collective for this season. Episode 13 features christmas and I will be, tech willing, covering some other ways to deal with 3D in the home.
3d Cool Stuff Collective kit
I have some Vuzix 3d wrap glasses, where the screens are in the glasses and give the impression of a 67″ screen floating in front of you.
Vuzix glasses
A fuji 3d stills and video camera with a lenticular lens screen on it to allow you to see 3d without any glasses.
Fuji 3d camera
Finally there is a Toshiba laptop with an Nvidia 3d/glasses combination video card.
It is a good chance for me to experiment with all these before they get sent back and see what works with what, how it feels to use these.
So far I am very impressed all round.

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