Wimbledon Time again – Google subtlety

Yes it thats time of year again, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships is about to kick off and as I have written before (was it really a year since I wrote this!) for me and anyone who has had the pleasure and stress of working the event its a special time. I think the allegiance to it as an institution and to the team of people never goes away. In our life equivalent of gamer achievements we probably have some very unusual badges to share.
All this means I am still interested in how people attach themselves to a significant event, there are a lot people jokying for digital rights and “official” sponsorship. However some of it is just publicly owned association to the event, i.e. support.
I was looking at google street view the other day and noticed a change I had not seen before. The little drag and drop man around Wimbledon has changed to a tennis player. Even more cute/clever when you drag him around he changes into a tennis server gesture.

So well done Google. I wonder if this is some sort of rabbit hole for a Google/Wimbledon Alternate Reality Game? 🙂
Anyway good luck to all my friends at Wimbledon from the old firm and associated groups. You do a cracking job.
The official site is here remember there is no t in the word Wimbledon my US friends 🙂

3 thoughts on “Wimbledon Time again – Google subtlety

  1. Looking forward to seeing you at Wimbledon this year Ian. Andy says you are coming around.

    Sadly, no SL Wimbledon, or even a WimbleTon. 😉

  2. Not really sure, and time is running out. With this insane games lasting for ever need to see when you guys are able to get out and I can pop up and say hi for a quick coca cola 🙂

  3. This is really nice, I love the way that Google add these tiny easter eggs… note that it only shows up (for me, in Chrome on Linux) in the little zoom view in the bottom right, around the courts themselves, and not generally on Google Maps.

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