Bionic Eye – Augmented Reality on the Iphone (officially)

@kohdspace just tweeted this piece of news from Mobile Crunch.
After what amounted to some terms of service violation hacks where people built AR applications for the iPhone it seems that this Bionic Eye is an official AppStore approved version.
I don’t have an iPhone (yet) despite being a registered iPhone developer, but if the api’s are released and working I expect a huge flood of AR applications, and I suspect there are some very clever ideas yet to be implemented.
I want to be able to create my relationship between the data and the real world using a mirror world or control deck in 3d in somewhere like Second Life and then be able to effectively push new AR overlays and contexts out to people.
I think this will feel a little like the renamed Operation Turtle now called Hark but for AR. In fact Hark is a handy name isn’t it as it already has AR letters in it. There I go thinking out loud and inventing things.
I would love to hear if anyone has this bionic eye app already, or if anyone is working on a mashup with the virtual worlds we already have rather than just GPS overlays.

One thought on “Bionic Eye – Augmented Reality on the Iphone (officially)

  1. Hmm… reading the App Store review is looks like these people charge for “every category of POIs” you have to download separately in-app… an enterprising business model but it would be nicer if at least some were included. I haven’t verified though, so I may be talking nonsense.

    There are also AR features in the Yelp app, and apps for finding tube and bus stops.

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