The inchventure – come on in.

There a few days left to join in the fun in round 2 of Jerry Paffendorf’s innovative project to create a network of inch size land parcels in Detroit linked with virtual land too. Its intriguing and fun to think where this will go.
To quote from
“In my pursuit of ever cooler, grander, more meaningful things that use the network to mix physical stuff with virtual stuff and products with stories, I’ve been working on a project in the wild and wooly city of Detroit, Michigan called LOVELAND: .

In its simplest terms I’m inviting people to move into Detroit for $1 a square inch. More abstractly but importantly, the attraction is to create a tiny new globally networked city within the city that people around the world can own, inhabit, and create in. The physical space will also be mirrored online through “The Inchernet” so in addition to physical scaping it’s perfect for digital creatives like you (games, sites, worlds, models, augmented reality, etc).”

What’s not to love about this ? So Feeding Edge is joining in as you might expect, come join us.

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