3d scanning

Scanning a monkey

Episode 4 of The Cool Stuff Collective aired tonight. It is the best so far. It is one where I get to act too 🙂 Monkey has invented a time machine and I am helping him at the start. Its a speaking role too 🙂 I know that sounds odd but all the other things I do are me being me, so it was great fun to have done some of the other bits in the show that everyone else gets roped into to do too.
In the Future tech section this show we use the NextEngine 3d scanner as the main prop. We were actually scanning the fairy but as the intention was to explain the principle rather that spend time making a perfect model (which the scanner is more than capable of doing) we did not do too much spinning around of the fairy on screen. I had been practicing with how the scanner worked at home, as I really like to feel how things work through doing. It makes it much easier and more genuine to talk about it then.
3d scanning
As part of the end gag of the show I had taken the first scan I did (of predlet 2.0’s own monkey) and constructed a toilet like set of prims next to it in blender in windows on bootcamp on my Mac. i.e. a combination that I was not really used to.
This has meant that my coder art actually fits in it shows that you can just build anything and scan anything.
3d Scanning
I never claim to be a graphic designer. I love the tools of that trade and the results of good design. Still it works on the show 🙂
Loved this show, and I must get back to helping monkey with his time machine/cardboard box covered in foil and wire