Good morning inspiration – a poem?

Yes this is a slight departure from my usual posts, a poem!
We were playing with some words on the school run today and I came home and just wrote this.

Good Morning Inspiration
by Ian Hughes

Nobody knows what the nose knows,
Nobody here hears what the ears hear,
Few people understand the feats of the feet,
Or know if their brain is in fact called brian.

Many people count their fingers as allies,
They are pulled along by their toes,
They really need their knees,
And they don’t pick on their bones.

Anybody would say that their body is great,
It’s all made up, each piece plays its part,
Bits get along to help being a being,
One that trips along having fun without falling.

So get on out there, think your great thoughts,
Dream what you can and can what you can’t,
Sniff an idea, and you will be happy.
Trust me I know, I am your nose leading the way.

I actually tried to not make it rhyme as it sounded better just playing words. As it just all flowed out onto the page I thought it best to share it.