Virtual becomes physical part ii

Today the paperback version of Reconfigure (my sci-fi novel I may have mentioned a few times!) went live. I was really happy with the proof that came from Createspace.

The version is also there
I am setting up matchbook so it should mean that the digital copy is available to anyone who buys the physical copy. I am not sure how that pans out or works out, but it works retrospectively is someone buys the physical book and then would like the digital one once the scheme kicks in.
I got predlet 2.0 to help out with an advert for the book. It is a little easter egg, there are a few of them out there, based on the contents so readers or would be readers get a little in the know payoff.

I have been bouncing around the various advert platforms. I am still not sure which works, but I know which ones cost way too much 🙂
Anyway, this new solid paper version might make a good christmas present for someone ? Plus is is something I can wander around and show people, just in case they don’t believe me.
The plans that tomorrow is day 1 of storyboarding book 2. I have a rough idea what that is, there are plenty of hooks on the first book to work with and mesh into, though I don’t want to make each book mandatory. That may be asking a little too much, but it’s an aim.

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