Academic G33kdom

My physical copy of the Computer Networks journal that contained my first academic paper arrived through the post.
Published paper
With my usual slightly sideways look at such things used my Cool Stuff Collective G33k t-shirt as the profile shot 🙂
I am not sure if this is unusual for an academic paper but I managed to get all my favourite subjects in, virtual worlds, 3d printing and even Skylanders gets a mention.
I am sure I will get around to updating my old fashioned CV should anyone ever need my services but for now its on the Writing page on the tab above this 🙂
I hadn’t fully appreciated how the whole process works, but it seems that people write papers and then Reed Elsevier charges people to read them. It seems my little contribution is worth $31.50 on this link maybe I should start charging for my writing or just get a job as a journalist? I would of course have to improve my spullchuckin 🙂

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