A white christmas, unique 3d printed snowflake from Medaler.com

I just had a great christmas letter through which seemed a fitting way to blog about this time of year and also cool ideas and technology mixing with art. It was a package from Jim “babbage” Purbrick (@JimPurbrick) and it contained this very intriguing, and ornate 3d printed snowflake pendant/medal/badge.
3d printed snowflake
It was, to quote the letter a unique creation. “It was seeded with your name, address and public data about you from the Internet, grown in a computer simulation and printed out on a 3D printer at Build Brighton”.
Wow! What a wonderful way to commemorate christmas and who we all are individually online right now. We are still unique yet part of a digital snow storm of shared ideas.
If you want to know more head on over to Medaler.com to see a little about this project and sign up for more information. These medals are physical achievement logs of digital activity. Wow! I love tech!!! 🙂
Merry Christmas and happy holidays FTW to everyone from all of us (I mean me) at Feeding Edge Ltd 🙂

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