Flush Magazine, Holodecks, Kinect patents and geek history

The latest edition of the wonderful Flush magazine has just been published. This issue amongst all the other great content in there I have put forward some views on how close we are to a Holodeck with respect to some inventions we already have and some that may be in the pipeline. So have a read and see what you think. Microsoft kinect and projectors and a little bit of geek history feature.

Or you can just link to here though I do recommend reading the whole magazine!
As usual it looks awesome too. I think it is fasciating the journey an idea takes from words and some image suggestions to a a full layout beautifully presented. Thankyou to @tweetthefashion as usual for doing such a great job putting this all together, and a wave to all my fellow contributors.
The iPad edition will hit the shelves very soon too 🙂
Update: I just realised I am in the same Magazine as an interview with Steve Vai too – RAWK!!!!

4 thoughts on “Flush Magazine, Holodecks, Kinect patents and geek history

  1. The magazine interface is horrible, utterly terrible. I gave up on reading the article very quickly. The article seemed ok but the way it’s displayed is not tolerable.

  2. 🙁 thats a pity. There a lot of magazines on Issuu, I guess it was not just this one. Was it the embed in the blog post that was causing problems I wonder? There is an ipad newstand version of Flush too.

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