Is the world falling apart?

Ok so it’s a dramatic title, but it is not about any 2012 apocalypse of the breakdown of our social structures because of the greedy few absorbing all the money in the world. No this is just an observation I got to make on the current incarnation of Assassins Creed, number III in the series.
The game is certainly a mammoth production, I have definitely enjoyed exploring the environment, as you should with a free roaming environment. Of course this means hitting the edges of the world. Quite often this is a message that an area is not yet available. However I was a little surprised when I leapt to climb one particular cliff and fell right through it. The great thing about rendering engines is that they obviously have no idea if something is right or wrong. If the collision constraints fail you can end up in some very unusual places.
Glitch in ACIII
I ended up in an ocean, but is clearly ended where the wall I feel through was. With the occlusion rendering backwards it looks like you can see the paths in the trees that are normally branches you leap to and from.
The water simulation was still running, but had a spooky drop off. The world was flat indeed and I had fallen off.
Glitch in ACIII
It’s not really witch space in Elite 🙂 but it was fun for a few minutes. Bugs FTW

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