Catalytic Clothing – Clothes that clean the air around us

Catalytic Clothing has to be one of the most exciting and innovative ideas I have ever heard. It may be the best thing to happen to trousers since mine exploded (well ripped) at gadget show live in 2011.
My trousers exploded at gadget show live #gsl2011
An artist and a scientist have got together to create something that is truly amazing it is I first saw this on BBC news this morning in a piece about the Manchester Science Fair.
The aim is to coat clothes with an additive in a washing machine that means that the clothes then are able to suck pollution out of the air. If all out clothes are doing this the effect is going to be very noticeable.
They have also made it an .org not a .com they have not locked it away in commercial patents either as they want to challenge the though process and business models to do good for the planet.
This is one of those ideas that occurs when art and science combine. Leave it to one discipline or the other and things like this rarely happen. When they do they are revolutionary.

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