A poem to the greedy on sharing on the Internet

Occasionally I resort to rhyme as I did here with inspiration from predlet 2.0 and here about a game. I am by no means an expert in the art, but occasionally a line will hit me and I think, I wonder where this can go. It was really about whether the tree of knowledge is under threat from overt attempts to curb sharing of ideas.
I think you have to let your ideas flow, not park them, or they cause a mental traffic jam that might mean the really good ideas never get out.
So here it is.

A poem to the greedy.
by epredator

So what you’re saying is the Internet is wrong?
Sharing our ideas really shouldn’t be done?
We should just keep things,
Lock them away,
Only selling to the highest bidder,
The ones that can pay.

The only problem being,
The money has all gone!
So all our work here is effectively done?

There is another way,
That liberates our crafts,
Share those ponderings opinionsĀ and drafts,
Make it all open, accessible and free.
Take the moral high ground,
and on it plant a tree.

A tree of knowledge,
A tree that can grow,
A tree that means everybody can know.

So go be open, go be honest, go be free,
Whilst you consider that,
I am off to climb that tree.

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