Amazing Minecraft machines and builds

If you have never tried to build anything in Minecraft you may not realise the effort that goes into these. They are incredibly clever, and also a fantastic repurposing of the platform. Second Life/opensim builders and scriptures take note too.
A machine that is a programmable guitar. Purely made of switches and blocks powered by redstone (aka electricity). A mechanical marvel.

The Simpsons intro redone as a machinima. Like many of the Lego parody movies the adjusting of the style of environment makes this even better

Just to add to the meta nature of mirror worlds there seem to be a lot of recreations of the world of Skyrim in Minecraft too.

There are also lots of very interesting time lapses of massive builds. This one of ancient Egypt is a great exemplar

FyreUK appear to be amongst the best builders in the world too with this recently too.

Still Minecraft is just a game about digging stuff up isn’t it 😉
Nope its a full on metaverse with live user creation tools and digital distribution of content.

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