TV Showreel – 2011

Now that the 3rd series of Cool Stuff Collective has rotated from the ITV player there is not an easy resource available to see some of the future tech pieces that we did. It is a custom in TV land to have a showreel. So here is my second TV show reel featuring the lovely Vicky Letch and a cameo by Blowfish at the end 🙂

This is all down to all the guys and girls at Archie Productions and John Marley in particular getting this show going and trusting me to do my thing for the 38 shows we did over the past year or so.
I had to edit this up from the videos I had of the show, so it is a bit rough and ready but I am a tech g33k not a production suite guru (to continue the theme you will see if you watch all the 7 mins above 🙂
The video features arduino and open source, 3d printing with rep rap, skylanders, augmented reality, bloodhound ssc, tenori on, Kaspar and hydrogen fuel cells plus a bit of slapstick literally thrown in 🙂
Anyone who sees the conference and workshops I do will know that this all these things actually thread together to a bigger story of what the future will hold.

3 thoughts on “TV Showreel – 2011

  1. Michael Rowe

    Oooooh, touchy!

    Thanks for doing this Ian, this was way too much fun to watch. I especially liked the craning of necks by kids in the back looking at all the cool tech!

  2. Thanks 🙂 I think that I am covered under fair use for the show reel. I wish the content was left online for longer officially and to a global audience as it still has educational worth. BTW the predlets say ooh touchy a lot now !

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