Spot the difference – Kids virtual worlds

Predlet 1.0 introduced me to a new website/virtual world/game that her friends had been playing the other day. It is called Bin Weevils. There are clearly a lot of interesting things coming along all the time but I was struck but the almost complete similarity between this and Moshi Monsters
It has comedy and education linked, many quick brain training puzzles, maths and observation to generate the things you need for your character.
It is abstract in its reference to the character too, i.e. its a pet not an avatar proxy for the user. It is tied into CN/Nick Tv too and has a free to play with an enticing subscriber model.
It is also visual similar, to the point I can’t help thinking this is a white label moshi?

I have not come across any pop star baiting yet in Bin weevils but I am sure that humour will be there too.
They are both UK based too which is interesting in its own right.

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