On the road with The Cool Stuff Collective

This week saw the start of filming series 3 of The Cool Stuff Collective. I can’t say much about it until it airs but it was very different to be on location and staying away for 2 nights at a Premier Inn with the entire crew.
The first morning of filming was a difficult choice of wardrobe. Blue or Green? 😉
G33k prep
As resident “Super Geek” my mini sub brand marches on 🙂
It was good to see John Marley (the shows creator and boss of archie productions had his game face on too)
Bring it on
I also hope I did not worry housekeeping at the hotel too much with my day before prep of an item
Hotel room arduino building
The show will air in mid October (AFAIK) and I think its a cracker of a show.
Watch this space 🙂

2 thoughts on “On the road with The Cool Stuff Collective

  1. Is there any way to watch Cool Stuff Collective in the States? I’d love to see how the MCOR Tech system is being used. I’ve been following the development of 3D printing since the late 90s and it continues to amaze me.

  2. I wish there was a global feed for cool stuff collective. 🙁 It is not globally available as it goes from the production team to the tv company. You can try asking http://www.twitter.com/marleyman007 about it as he runs Archie productions who created the show for ITV. I suspect some of it is music licensing in the media industry which just adds to the complexity legally.
    Though series 3 is going to start airing in a few weeks so we will have to see what treatment it gets online.
    3d printers are fascinating though, and when you combine it with virtual world distribution and collaborative manufacture it is stunning.

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