Massive virtual world event(s) – LA & MK

In a few hours over in LA at the Sony Centre the inaugural vPEARL Summit will kick off, the first event from

This is IEEE backed and aims immerse many people from around the world, all with the goal, to make human connections and to advance the medium of virtual environments. Together creating an UBER source for practices in virtual environments that can be analyzed and used by all of us in the future. The 2 days will also be being filmed to create a documentary of the journey.
The experience is based around taking teams of people to different virtual environments and setting big challenges, in an unconference and game format. Each team will be exploring and doing, whilst trying to share whilst they go along.
Each team in each environment has a team twitter ID to share live so feel free to listen in!/search?q=vpearl.
There will also be a live link up (I am crossing my fingers for this) that I will be initiating from the uk Relive 11 conference at the Open University.
We will dive from our conference across to the start of day 2 of vPearl and see how the exploration is progressing. Which means we are also part of the best practice exploration. With all the people online and present at each location this is one major gathering of virtual world experts and evangelists!
What there is to share and how we get on with it we really wont know until 4pm tomorrow but I wish the teams luck in creating cool content to talk about.
Very exciting times. I wish I was in LA but I also want to be at Relive 11, which sort of proves the point about needing to explore the ways we can be at so many places at ones doesn’t it? What better groups of people to try it with!

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