Minecraft Machinima

There are some great examples of creative use of cover versions of popular music combined with machinima created in Minecraft appearing on youtube. This one is really good IMHO 🙂

If you don’t get what Minecraft is and can do then watch this, and then some of the linked videos too. It is a new generation of filmaker/gamers exploring the creative world online in a metaverse.

4 thoughts on “Minecraft Machinima

  1. I just ask the students in my dept. to ban me from their minecraft server. I spent 12 hours recreating the genesis cave from Wrath of Khan and that wasn’t the only 12-hour stint in that week. Time to go cold turkey…

  2. Creativity just trying to get out 🙂 Did they actually ban you or did they leave the door open to tempt you?

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  4. Minecraft is so addicting! Ha, i’ve been stuck on beta mode for ages though because I couldn’t afford to buy a premium account. Luckily I’ve just won a free minecraft premium account from http://www.minecraftprize.com so it looks like my social life is gonna go down hill! ha

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