Sparkling on Kinect with 3d finger drawing

Now that I realize I can quicklaunch the Kinect Fun Labs apps individually and do not have to go through the uncharacteristic lockups caused by the Fun Labs launcher app I am getting to see some more of the gadgets.
This one is called sparkler and its results are interesting. You draw in 3d on a backdrop that is made from a foreground and and a background shot. What is really great is this is using slightly more precision on the kinect. To draw you hold up two fingers as a pointer and stop drawing by clenching your fist. Up to now all games have treated your hands as dots at the end of your arms.
The video is very short but it is what is generates along with stills for sharing on Kinect Share.

I am waiting on my call for the next Marvel super hero film 🙂 I can be g33kspark or something 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sparkling on Kinect with 3d finger drawing

  1. Hello again… not sure how I’ve swept past you online in the past month but I suspect it involves rampant publicity whoring… 😉

    I’m far from convinced by this lab. I felt that MS sold it as far more controlled than it is, and I have to say I’m disappointed by the limited “2D/3D background” that it creates. However, it’s nice to see them narrowing down the capabilities of the Kinect.

  2. I agree this is not quite kinect photoshop 🙂 I also think it is a little cheeky to have to pay for what are really tech demos to show off to your friends. So I liked at as if it was a freebie play thing. I thought it was an interesting treatment of the 2d/3d placement but of course the camera could do a lot more as we saw with the sigraph full 3d lidar style scanning.
    As for twitter I am getting quite annoyed by the following limits as I seem to have a drop a few things in order to follow even one more person. I guess I just need to get @epredator on the screen at cool stuff this series 😉 or is that cheating?

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