Expiranting on Nymwars with Avatar Kinect

Here is an experimental rant (expirant, of sorts) about Nymwars and why different identities are a choice we should be able to make. Using an avatar and a live recording starts to mix the virtual and physical. It is the same in any virtual world but I thought I would kill two birds (one real and one virtual) with a (mesh) stone and record something using Avatar Kinect which lets you use your body to puppet the avatar.

Just saying we should all have a direct tie to a physical face or name at all times it just plain silly. I guess most of us out here know that, but it has generated a lot of discussion on the web.

3 thoughts on “Expiranting on Nymwars with Avatar Kinect

  1. Sling Trebuchet

    Noooooooo! Who are you? I’m afraid that you might be a dog.

    Excellent 🙂

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