Is that a dancing shoe or a shoe dancing?

E3 this year had some announcements about the Xbox and its Kinect. I was surprised that the Kinect Fun Labs arrived straight away on an update. These are a set of kinect toys and apps, many inspired by the open source pioneers who built applications with as part of kinect hacking.
The one I tried was Googly Eyes. You hold up any object and the kinect scans in the front, and then the back. It then processes for a few seconds and adds comedy googly eyes to give the object some character.
The thing on screen is then controlled by your body movements. So it is just a few seconds from static real life object to a virtual puppet. As you can see here is is one of elemming’s shoes dancing.

It is very well done, I a sure with the right lighting and object you can make things that are much more complicated.
There are another few apps and more on the way to show off advances in what kinect can do. There is also an avatar creator that makes an xbox style AV but that resembles you (something the nintendo 3DS does well too 🙂 )
Very cool, very interesting and I will be exploring it some more.

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