My series 1 TV showreel

I got to hang out in the edit suites at MTV Camden today where the magic of TV gets crafted together from all our bits of film. John was making a showreel for the entire show to take to New York and the Kidscreen summit a version of that will get posted soon.
Afterwards though I got to suggest some pieces for my own personal showreel. This is all very exciting as much of the official website doesn’t work outside the UK. We stuck to pieces of series 1 (apart from the end as a taster of the current series). It keeps the comedy spirit and shows a range of things. My acting is getting better I promise over time 😉

See what you think.
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6 thoughts on “My series 1 TV showreel

  1. John Goodall

    Great stuff Ian!….who was your stunt double at the end?

  2. Thanks 🙂 If only it was a stunt double 🙂 Lots more VT on the road stuff coming too 🙂 Maybe not at extreme.

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  4. Michael Martine

    Great show reel! Starting with fabrication (of course!) and rolling through the augmented reality, avatar generation and the exciting end in the wind tunnel — easy to see why you’re having so much fun!

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