Gran Turismo 5 – Only the shadow knows

GT5 is certainly one good car game. Lots of variety and a great feel, but it seems to have lost its way in the lighting model.
Take a look at the shadow on this
Gt5 jaggy shadows
Even in a screen shot from the TV, on an iphone, the car and road look great (yes dented) but the jaggy shadow is pretty appalling and much worse when you sit and watch it.
There is a great in game photo mode that lets you take all sorts of pictures from the replays as per usual and that seems to clear things up. Though that is then a rendered still so you can expect that.
You can see more jaggy shadows on this image
Gt5 jaggy shadows
Its very odd and very distracting as it wobbles along with the car.
There were a few other “funnies” You can tune cars and alter options, play in 3d etc but you are warned at the very first choice (of overall/helmet combo) that you will never ever be able to change this again so pick well. I know this is not an avatar based game but thats a bit odd?
There is also the 8gb install it offers to do. If you start the game it says it will take 20 mins, if you do it from the in game menu it says 50mins! I left it running and it sat after 20mins saying “40 seconds left” for another 20 mins so I gave up on that.
My final gripe (for now). The replays, not only filled with cloudy wobbly shadows but there is only a pause, no forward or backward, yet you have stacks of options when paused for taking that perfect photo. Of course you can’t navigate to your perfect moment because the controls wont let you. Very odd.
So yes love it, yes its GT but Forza 3 with its car customisations and slickness for now has GT5 beat.

One thought on “Gran Turismo 5 – Only the shadow knows

  1. Gran turismo is the best auto game! I have noticed that it’s requiring more and more driving skills to play!

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