Rocking the guitar at an MTV studio

Odd experience today, I popped along to the Cool Stuff Collective studio so we could take a look at the kit for the record tomorrow. It led to Matt, Sy and I playing the new Rockband 3 in the studio. Matt on drums, Sy on keytar and me on the new 102 button guitar.
It is an amazing device, every fret/string combination has a button and the strumming/picking strings are real strings but just in the box where you strum.
I was having trouble strumming as with no plectrum it did not pick up the gentle strumming, once I used something suitable things picked up.
Once we had finished the “rehearsal” picked the track will will use in the show record we moved the instrument into the gallery, i.e. the room where all the mixing desks are. We went from Rock Stars in the studio to roadies in one swift move.
As this is all filmed at MTV Camden this seemed very rock and roll.
My Rockband 3 set is on order from Amazon of course 🙂 We love this stuff in our house.

One thought on “Rocking the guitar at an MTV studio

  1. is that guitar a fender 102 button? nice to see technology morphing personal expression and music again!

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