Learning in other worlds – Lahti

There are a few of the metarati gathered here in Sibelius hall in Lahti for a very well organized conference. Right now Ken Hudson is doing his opening keynote setting the scene for the rest of us to layer our experiences on.
Ken used some initial setup with both the Gartner hype cycle, indicating the trough of disillusionment is a good thing.
Then illustrating the proteus effect and how all media is a place that we populate with shades of ourselves.
The main part of the pitch is the canadian border crossing examples or training and rehearsal, combined with documented results.
Using the anecdotes and examples that populate our industry. The real life life saving based on having learned in America’s Army etc. There is also the great example of an American Football player running along the goal line before a touchdown. When asked why he said “That’s what I do in Madden on the console to run the clock down”.
What is interesting and cool is the level of organization of the conference though. I have power, I have wireless. There are 3 main screens the presenter screen one side, a twitter feed the other and its being videocast into Second Life and Second Life is up on the third screen.
A body of staff and students are busy running the event. There is an official twitter feed @oem2010
As a national Finnish conference of some note it is not just treated as a freebie. The SL attendees are paying guests.
A few of us, Bill May, Karl Kapp and I are doing a business track pitch today, a panel and then tomorrow a bit longer pitch (where I can do the whole cave painting piece looking forwards).
Claus is here to talk about Popartlab too so we have a great variety of conversation. So some of the #metameets crew are here 🙂

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