On TV – Embarrassing and exciting in equal measure

The first programme in the Cool Stuff Collective series aired last night at 5pm. It was really interesting to see how it all looked edited together and themed as I had only seen bits and pieces of the studio elements getting created. I have to say I felt more nervous than usual as unlike live performances at conferences there is no adjusting or steering of the piece. Its done, recorded and locked away. Odd though it might seem live seems easier as you are in the right frame of mind.
When we got to future tech and my piece with Sy it felt a little like the drop on a roller coaster.
There were so many other things we could have said or put in the piece but it was the right length and pace for the show so I am really happy with it.
You may not have noticed but an old friend was in the shot with me. My Fabjectory statue from Second Life in 2006 wearing the striped leather jacket was right by me for luck.
Cool stuff collective
We had some great pieces to show. Many of the ones from the VFlash printer were incredibly detailed, the other prints were on screen too from MCOR, Shapeways and London College of Fashion.
3d print examples
The line in the show about printing a house or building was not totally far fetched. The studio would not have been big enough to get one of these printers in from D-Shape
It was also cool that http://www.citv.co.uk was available with the live stream for everyone. Just in case you missed the show or want to see it again it is repeated fri 5:30pm Sat 4:30pm Sun 11:30 am on CITV. The next show airs next monday 5:00pm.
Everyone at Archie productions were so friendly and welcoming that doing this was a real pleasure. It was amazing to see how much Sy Thomas had to do all day too. I don’t think I saw him take a rest all day. He was constantly in the studio trying different takes of reaction shots and the script was being adjusted all the time too. I did not envy him having to present, act, listen to his earpiece an deal with the autocue as well as having a tv n00b like me turn up with weird stuff to talk about.
Just to answer a few questions though.
1. No I was not the monkey, both Matt’s from Archie had that pleasure.
2. No I don’t have an agent.
3. Yes I am available for other tv shows, hollywood films, documentaries 🙂
4. Yes I will stop going on about this one day.
5. Yes I guess I get to keep my Minor Celebrity status after all.

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