Cool Stuff Collective – Something unusual has happened

One way and another something very interesting is brewing here. After an intro from a good friend (thankyou Scotty!) I started to advise a new kids tv show just commissioned by ITV here in the UK. It is being produced by Archie Productions (there is some press release info at the bottom of this). Its called Cool Stuff Collective.
Amongst other things I was tasked with explaining some future thinking tech to go with all the cool toys and gadgets. That has morphed a little from back room advice into a slot on the show.
Yes that’s right it looks like I will be presenting and explaining some of the cool tech and futures that I love so much. We start studio filming in a couple of weeks, and if all goes according to plan and I manage to present this OK I think this will rock.
We had a meeting today at MTV studios in Camden and talked scripts, schedules, kit, extra ideas for the segment and how this might all work. The main presenter Sy Thomas is up at the Edinburgh festival so I may not get to meet him until the day.
So it sounds pretty exciting and I hope I make these little segments as forward thinking as possible and get people enthused. Its not all metaverse either 🙂


Gadgets, games and all that’s cool for 7-12 year olds

London, 27 July 2010. CITV has commissioned a brand new kids series The Cool Stuff Collective from UK-based independent kids and entertainment specialist, Archie Productions. The studio-based magazine review show aimed at 7-12 year olds will showcase and road test anything that kids might want to own, consume, watch, download or play. A total of 13 x 20-minute programmes are to be produced for the autumn.

The series is presented by Sy Thomas (The Kids Choice Awards, Nickelodeon/MTV; Me:TV, Slime Across the UK, Nickelodeon; Little Howards Big Question, CBBC), a tirelessly enthusiastic and experienced kids’ presenter who also happens to be very funny and a self-confessed geek. Keeping track of all the amazing new gadgets, games, movies, apps, websites and books that kids might want to know about, Sy will front The Cool Stuff Collective from Cool HQ.

Jamila Metran, CITV Programme Manager, says: “We’re extremely pleased to be collaborating with Archie Productions on The Cool Stuff Collective. It’s a format we believe fills a huge editorial gap in the UK for our core audience.”

John A. Marley, Creative Director at Archie Productions, adds: “We’re very excited to be working with CITV on such a great new series which is all about bringing the very latest new stuff to the attention of the people who want it the most…kids! The Cool Stuff Collective reviews the products that kids covet and think about spending their pocket money on, but we’ll do it in the most imaginative ways possible.”

11 thoughts on “Cool Stuff Collective – Something unusual has happened

  1. Hi there,

    if we had a really cool gadget for the show to either test or review, who do we send information to. We are working a new video game that uses an actual skateboard as the controller!


  2. email me epredator [at] and I will hook you up with the producers. Or DM me contact details on twitter @epredator

  3. Big thank you to all the lads and ladies at the MTV studios, they looked after me when I went to show in October 2010,to show off our new inovation of lights in a tyre for road safety named CYGLO.

  4. Belated congratulations, Ian – I look forward to following your telly career with interest 🙂 Now, if only they’d stick more clips up on YouTube (I’m not in the habit of recording kid’s telly!)

  5. It was great to see you CYGLO on the show tonight. They look great. I see you made Stuff magazine too 🙂 Great to meet you.

  6. Hi, I’ve just sat a watched the show with my lad and we found your segment really interesting. Although the useful info and facts were glossed over a little too quickly and not repeated. Unfortunately the rest of the show leaves a lot to be desired, in fact your bit is the only good bit on the show, the presenter Sy is just awful and even my 10yr old thought the same.
    Regards, Ian

  7. Thankyou for coming and sharing your thoughts on the show. On the AR segment I had some other things to show but there were both technical and clearance difficulties so maybe I can add those into another segment as a follow up. We also have the odd technical challenge that lots of the good AR applications are on the mobile devices and generally both the iphone and the droid phones are not letting anyone get a good video feed out, we had the same problem with with AR drone.
    I have tried to make the segments all thread together to give an overall initial picture of all the advances in technology, though of course it would be great to do more time on each thing the show is very fast paced 🙂
    I love the whole show but I guess I am biased, and I think like any new show it is finding its voice and pace as we progress.

  8. The guys at ITV (rather than me or Archie) seem to be evolving the website at the moment. They had a first round of clips put up there from the very early shows. I expect that will get expanded with the newer ones as the weeks go on, though I have no idea who runs that editorially, or just wait and see how the site develops (it already changed today with some new navigation)

  9. my son saw a really cool water bomber launcher but can’t remember the name nor can we find it. it looks like a water gun but shoots mini water bombs. can you help us find it?

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