APB out on epredator

Well not exactly. I have dived into the MMORPG world of APB today.
APB first tshirts
It seems pretty good, it is an MMO so for those who have note played one before it may be a bit odd. However its got some great features and customisation options to create a look. A tune composer to create victory tunes. I have done a few tutorial missions and hung around in the social areas.
I also lost my first gun battle (to be expected I guess).
Still I was representing with Feeding Edge logo tshirt v1.0 more later.
****Update I gave the jacket a go too 🙂 It worked, real designers are going to do some fun things with this, just like the Forza racing cars community.
APB jacket

2 thoughts on “APB out on epredator

  1. Oliver Szondi

    Hi Ep, just so you know ive been playing this game since early BETA 😀 if you want me to show you around lemme know id be happy to login and join you!!

    Many Thanks


  2. shukran

    oooo fun stuff. is it real or augmented?

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