All change, all the same

There is one thing about the virtual world industry. Every day brings something new, some new piece of tech, of content, of gossip or direction. None of which is really every related to an end or a death of it.
Companies in all industries (including growing ones) come and go. Companies grow and shrink and restructure all the time.
I do feel for all the people hit as part of the Linden restructuring, whether that is a knee jerk need due to cashflow or simply a focussing effort in a company that expanded wildly it does not matter. Those going will be entering a market that is growing, new platforms and businesses are emerging. Those staying can focus and keep Second Life on track.
Being in the tech industry it is clear that more than ever it is possible to work and grow without being part of larger company. There are lots of opportunities out there.
Linden has been restructuring for some time as we have all noticed. It is because of the direct connection many people/residents/users of Second Life have with the entire company that this sort of move becomes so visible. In most other firms a reshuffle or closure makes little or no difference to any customers. Its just another faceless job swap, with a both survivor guilt for those remaining and mixed emotions for those sent out into the wold once more.
Many companies should learn from LL’s ability to let everyone interact at all levels, equally it should make sure that it does not lose that spirit as it becomes more “regular” in its approach as business.
It is not the end of anything, but a next chapter and new beginning. (Though I am sure the press will write otherwise).
If you are an ex-linden and have some downtime/gardening leave/breathing space. Opensim, Unity3d, vastpark and a few others are worth looking at.
If I can help anyone I will, there are lots of interesting projects.

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