Time to get immersed : Serious Games Conference

This coming monday is a day of conference speaking and listening, swapping some more business cards and catching up with yes more metarati. It’s Martine Parry’s Immersion (formerly Apply Serious Games) 24th May at the DTI/BIS conference center.
I will be on the panel speaking about “What are the Game-Changer Technologies? How are New Techniques Opening Opportunities for the Future? Augmented reality. 3D technologies. Intelligent Systems. Player Matching.”
So for those that missed metameets, or want to hear some of us talk about a highly likely, highly really and almost scary future come on over 🙂
As usual if there are some things you want to ask on this subject, please comment, tweet, SL etc me.
If you see me at the event come say hi 🙂 I will of course be in my usual jacket and with my recent experimental feedingedge tshirt print.
I should also be able to see you all now, as new glasses are in full working order.
All in all should be a good day.

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