A new virtual world to visit – Wonderverse

I have just popped in and signed up to Wonderverse. http://www.thewonderverse.com a new virtual world application. It is good to see new ones appear as we have lost a few recently.
It is, of course, still an early beta, but (aside from being a windows only app) its quite a stylish look. The avatars are elongated cartoon style.
Wonderverse 2010-04-23 13-53-15-16
There is already storefront (you seem to have to use the web pages for that) that enables you to spend some of your initial credits on some basic clothes and styles. There seem to be a few more hairstyles for female avatars, I could not see how to get my green spikey hair I am so fond off 🙂
Wonderverse 2010-04-23 14-14-29-47
Chat is by chat bubbles over head and a range of emotes using / or right click are available.
It certainly plays a lot of music. I am not sure what streaming service it is attached to or where the music is from but its a pretty good selection.
I am not sure there is much to do just yet, but who knows 🙂 It does not seem to be a UGC environment though there were a number of tv screens on the wall of the clubhouse. Maybe see you in there sometime, you can guess my handle 🙂

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