Exploring the galaxy

I just tried to put google sky on a media surface on the inside surface of a sphere in #slviewer2
SL viewer 2 and google sky
It sort of works. Of course if you do put a web surface on the inside of a sphere and want to drive it you have to be able to click on it 🙂 I think there is some scope for some interesting holodeck effects and animations though using web content.
I was experimenting with some spherical photos out on the web, as we really have a qtvr viewer like viewer thats much easier to control for people

4 thoughts on “Exploring the galaxy

  1. I have also been playing with hemispheres and spheres, towards RW dome projection. Unity is great for this. Check this Unity app (universal binary for Mac):


    Warning – it is a big download (58MB) and you will need an internet connection when you run it to get the orbital simulation XML that it pulls from my site. Equirectangular photo inside the sphere, simulation + camera on a track. Cheers!

  2. Thats very cool and very neat 🙂
    Have you tried it as a web plugin? The network functions generally still work too to go and get data 🙂

  3. I suspect the high resolution of the photo texture, plus the orbit, will choke in a web version. But I’ll try and let you know.

  4. Still a pretty big file (45MB) but it runs OK.

    Sensitive to what else is happening on the computer (I am pushing the limits of slow and smooth) so there is an occasional hitch – better in Safari than Firefox. Can’t have that when it is 30 feet in diameter, 2K X 2K pixels or bigger! But not bad on the web.


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